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Harte Hanks is an American marketing services company headquartered in Austin, Texas. It is a marketing services firm specializing in multi-channel marketing solutions. Harte Hanks offers end-to-end marketing services including consulting, strategic assessment, data, analytics, digital, social, mobile, print, direct mail and contact center.

Joseph mentioned, "I've lived in Austin for over 20 years, and Harte Hanks has a longstanding tradition of incredibly poor employee relations and work culture. Many of my friends and family who have worked at Harte Hanks swear they will never go back. Harte Hanks is a worker mill where many people who are new to Austin can get hired easily, work for a short time at Harte Hanks, then discover what they're all about. Once they do, they find work elsewhere as fast as they can. Harte Hanks is notorious for very low pay for the type of work you'll be doing. The pay is far lower than menial jobs such as landscaping. Harte Hanks contracts jobs in the call center industry where professional skills are required, yet they keep the pay lower than entry level ditch digging. Harte Hanks utilizes temp agencies to do their dirty work for them. This way it's easier to dispose of people as they see fit. No advanced notice or reason is usually given for your contract ending. It could end at any time without warning or explanation. My training was incredibly disorganized, with much of the information outdated. One trainer would correct the other trainer and then they would say "maybe we need to update that information". My temp agency told me up front they needed agents available from 1PM to 12PM, then during training I was told they needed my availability to be 24/7. It seems they can't communicate very well, although their business IS communications. I was told that all I needed was a PC with Windows 10 and a headset. The training was done on Zoom and WebEx, where I had no problems with audio. My headset and PC would always pass the built in audio and mic tests in Zoom and WebEx. But when I began taking calls I had severe audio issues. (A different software program is used to take the actual calls). The software Harte Hanks gave me to take calls is outdated and klunky. The calls had an echo in them and the customers complained and some would hang up. Some calls would come in with so much static that I couldn't hear anything the customer was saying. But the majority of the calls were choppy and I would hear bits and pieces of what the customer was saying. This wouldn't be a big deal but Harte Hanks takes points off of my call scores when I ask a customer to repeat what they said. I spent countless hours on the phone with Harte Hanks tech support, where they determined that I needed a bluetooth headset. So, I rush out to Target (the same day) and I buy a $65 bluetooth headset. The very next day I was still having the same audio problems and tech support told me I needed a USB headset. So, I run out (the same day) and buy a USB headset for $70 . Then they told me it was my PC, so I bought a new PC (to the tune of $600) but I still continued to have audio problems. The tech support line told me that they couldn't do anything more and that my ticket was "in review". I was still taking calls with all of these audio issues and the QA analysts were not made aware of this. So, as you may have guessed, points were taken off on my scores for this audio problem. A problem that I have no way to fix. I gave the IT ticket numbers to my manager and told her about all the problems I had and she says "we'll TRY to take that into consideration". Then she told me to install some program update on my virtual desktop when I had already installed it. My manager should know who has and who hasn't installed the program already. Harte Hanks' pay and working conditions is worse than the worst menial, fast food or sign spinner job. You'll make more at basically ANY other job. You'll have better job security and you won't be seen as a bank to buy any equipment Harte Hanks determines you'll need because they are too pathetic to issue you the RIGHT equipment from day one, or TELL YOU exactly what equipment actually works with their outdated software."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for more than a year Cons: Bad Management, Dead Tech, Living in the Past"

Current Employee - Call Center Representative says

"I have been working at Harte Hanks full-time Cons: pay, training, environment, management, materials"

Former Employee - Tech Support says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything. The staff, the team, the building."

Former Employee - Call Center Employee says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time Cons: Bad Management, low pay, no career progression"

Former Employee - CSR-1 says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything about working here is trash"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for more than a year Cons: When I was there a couple years ago... Management was a complete failure; everyone was leaving and being replaced my internal candidates not well suited or prepared for the job or they weren’t filling the roles so you got left doing the work of multiple people. They like to boast that they are a female-led company but I was told I couldn’t send a male superior follow up emails because it’s considered rude. Was told to apologize to a male coworker who sent me an angry and unprofessional email over a mistake they made... They will not fight for you and won’t care when you try to be your own advocate."

Former Employee - Remote Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for less than a year Cons: At the begining of this job I was told that my hours would be different. Then when I started my training they said what I was initially told was wrong. I wish they could of told me this sooner. Another con is the lack of training. They only train you to answer basic questions that a claimant might ask. The training is really short. The training could use some improvement. Once you finish the short training they just throw you into handling claimants. Also, they have awful software lags within their system. Many of the sites and apps they require you use freeze up. It has prevented me to do my job properly. It is also hard to get support from management when you need help."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Harte Hanks part-time Cons: NO TRAINING, Too much employee turnover"

Former Employee - Teleservice Representative says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for less than a year Cons: Disorganization Unprofessionalism of supervisors who barely communicated with the employees Be prepared to take a high volume of calls and if you miss any you are penalized even if you are a new employee. As we all know no one is perfect and can take every single call it’s impossible. Be prepared to deal with some clients who may be rude or not answer call backs. The pay was ok 400 to 500 per week after taxes and $13 an hour. I feel like we should’ve been paid more based on all the work we did on a daily basis. There was no work life balance either the hours were 10-7 Monday through Friday which they changed from 8-5. We were hired into one shift and end up having to work another. Zoom room meetings were disorganized and sometimes we didn’t know where and when to go. We learned a lot of things that we didn’t even use while talking to the claimants. They terminated their employees without letting them know. The only way you will know is when you discover you are locked out of your tms and email accounts. Also if your Recruiter tells you about it at the staffing agency that you were hired through. Half the time the managers weren’t around to answer our claimants questions. We had to get help from other employees."

Former Employee - Call Center Representative says

"I worked at Harte Hanks full-time for less than a year Cons: The amount of training was lackluster for call center work and also there was a lot of favoritism among center call reps and management. also, the mangers and QA Staff are unprofessional, rude and the consistently probe to find issues and harass employees! Lastly, they do not supply you with the proper tools to succeed in your job."

Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Over worked. Under paid. Managers who are biased. They are really unfair at this place. The salary is low and you have to over work yourself for a decent check with overtime. Cons: Everything"

Teleservices Rep (Current Employee) says

"We are nothing but cows being herded. Unprofessional and rude management. Zero work-life balance . Pay is OK, benefits are poor. Overall ugly culture. Cons: Culture, not treated like humans, unprofessional management"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"Not people or cared for. Employees are just a number. No raises or benefits that can be used. They wont let you off when sick or need doctor or kids are sick all based on production and have to make up hours. Mandatory OT. Rude managers. They are just horrible Cons: Everyrthing"

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Management is completely disfunctional...sales are in the tank and they are worried about Valley Girl kinds of issues...no focus on customer retention or acquisition. Cons: Pay, management, pay, management, total disregard of employee skillset before termination and it's effect on customers"

Technical Support Representative II (Former Employee) says

"This job is very fast paced. You must be good at multitasking. The culture here was very high schoolish. Management had favorites, that would get more perks than anyone else. They care more about number crunching & metrics than they do about their employees. Cons: Everything else"

Call Center Agent (Former Employee) says

"This place was disgusting. People aren’t clean and spread germs like kids in a daycare. After I left there was an outbreak of scabies. SCABIES. Don’t get sick unless you can afford to go to the doctor every time you miss work."

Tier 1 Technical Support (Former Employee) says

"N/a keep looking . The supervisors are there only because they need the money supervisors have no idea about the accounts they are on. They are very rude, and they will hire and fire in groups. They will set you up to fail. I have a current issue with hr that's still hasn't been address. And they will short your pay and they will lie to your face"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Supervisors will pick on you if they don't like you. ONE doctors note a YEAR. I've had 5 different managers in 7 months. Only ONE agent on a team can take off at a time. If you're looking for a job to hire you quickly, this is perfect. If you're looking for anything longer than 6 months, don't waste your time. Only one HR lady who sides with the management even when their is blatant harassment and bullying (by grown women). Cons: they fire you even faster"


"No communication, no up to date on Human Resources part at the site that I was located, and every decision had to go through management that is located in Texas."

Teleservices Representative 2 (Former Employee) says

"This is a very high-turnover call center."

Call Center Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"bottom line I would not recommend working at harte hanks for multiple reasons. they don't really care for their employees and will lay you off if you are out sick no matter if you have a doctors note or not. Cons: will lay off anyone no matter their reason for missing even a single day."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This place was horrible No great support staff. The management was no help. The place was run down. No advancement no growth. Just poor. The people that worked there was ratchet."

Teleservice Representative (Former Employee) says

"Beginning with training, all they do is show power point slides and talk and blab about unrelated topics. The manager above the trainers gave a story about he visited the dark web. Yes, that is the kind of leadership they have. One of the trainer's would go on a political rant. When they put you on the floor, they just leave you to fend for yourself. The leads fake nice for about a day or two then don't want to help at all, thus resulting in poor metrics because you need to figure it out for yourself. One of the leads went viral for abandoning her underage children to vacation with a friend on the east coast. Another telling how leadership runs. One employee had a record for assaulting an officer but he was prized because he had great call handle time. They choose who they want to help and if they'll follow guidelines or not. There is not one good thing about one department of managers. That is why there is such high turnover. If you want to end up depressed, go ahead and apply. Cons: everything, place should be shut down."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management is fake all they do is sit on they begind all day on the phone eat and you know... Hire any body and lay off and/or fire people for no reason .. All around bad place to work!!! & Agin .. Period!!! Cons: Everything"

Run Don't Walk! (Former Employee) says

"Horrible workspace. Training inadequate. Crazy management. From day one I should have run! Do not consider employment with this company. Run Don't Walk! Cons: Run Don't Walk!"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Awful company beware stay away!!!!! They are extremely disrespecful!!! This place is the worst experience of my life!!! It is a complete waste of time dealing with this company Cons: Noe"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Its ok to work here. The overtime the was available to us was lovely and very generous. Training was ok and they showed us everything we needed to know."

Customer Care Associate Tier 2 (Former Employee) says

"I do not recommend this place at all, the new management came in and fired almost everyone, including supervisors. Serveral people told me not to apply or work here but I didn't listen."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Harte Hanks does not care anything about their employees. Not even managers. They treat everyone as if you’re just another seat in the chair. There is no employee empowerment or advancement everything is very CUT THROAT. I felt more valued working at Chipotle. I WOULD NOT RECCOMEND anyone to work for this company. They cut 401K unexpectedly and they LOVE laying people off without notice EVEN IF YOU ARE PERMANENT. I have over 20 awards such as complimentary calls employee of the month etc. But I am also very young and do not have children to take care as of yet or a mortgage but if YOU do please do not do it to yourself. It has been very sad to see coworkers get laid off with only 1-2 day notice that has been a backbone to this company. We are what keeps this company going and there’s no value to us. I’ve seen over 50 employees get laid off with very short notice and eventually I was one of them. But not only myself my manager and EACH of my fellow coworkers in the PA location. With only 2 weeks to find other work (lucky for us I guess) some only had 1-2 day notices. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR STABILITY AND GROWTH THIS IS NOT IT. Cons: Everything else"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"My experience with this company hasn't been pleasant. This company has no morals or ethics when it comes to family or life events. i wouldn't recommend anyone working for this company at all unless you do not have family or a life."

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